ATP Tennis - Top 10 Longest Rallies in History (HD)

今日ご紹介する、Youtube で見つけた Hotshot ははこちら!

I present to you, for the first time ever, a general Top 10, not of one player, but of all, throughout history, the longest rallies of all time. Please note that most of these points were not included in highlights because of the raw length, hence the quality I was able to get. Also, this is only top 10 of ATP (men's tennis) and since Challenger level is considered ATP and not ITF, I decided to include that final point. Some points counted the last shot going out/in the net and some didn't, so I decided to do it to all of them so they are evenly matched, if you are unhappy with this, just subtract 1 from the final score and you will get what you think should be the right number of hits on the rally ;)


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